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The best gay friendly places in Havana (2017)

Humboldt Cabaret Las Vegas: In the great tradition of queer dives everywhere, this place is dark and smoky, which keeps many people away. However, the show 11pm is worth catching. Just in front of the Revolution Square, hundreds of gay men gather every Saturday to spend their time at the most popular nightclub in Havana.

Beautiful men and women from Proyecto El Divino, professional dancers and models accompany artists, singers, and musicians, offer their art. Perfect space for flirting and having a great time. Paseo and 39St, Vedado.

Gay Havana: classic cars, Caribbean beaches & beautiful boys (Part 3)

The best models and male strippers in Cuba can be seen there, together with comedians and singers, also members of Proyecto El Divino. O and 23, Vedado. Cine Club Diferente: Past screenings have included Outrage, Harvey Milk, and Verde Verde, the Cuban film which shows how far things have come since Fresa y Chocolate and how far we still have to go. Stick around for the lively audience debate following. Fashion Bar Habana: Nothing short of gorgeous, especially when performing scantily clad, which happens after the 11pm drag show in a rare homoerotic dance spectacle. San Juan de Dios, esq.

Escaleras al Cielo: This is one of the few places with pole dancing, replete with provocatively dressed performers—both men and women. Stairway to Heaven indeed. What this place has going for it are the comfortable seating areas—especially the terrace balcony and the living room in the back—cool music, arty atmosphere, and yummy desserts.

There are ancient typewriters, radios, and other curios hanging from the walls, a bathtub for two they lay a board across it for easy access to your cocktails , and an old American car for kicking back with a cappuccino. Avenida 3ra, esq. Bar Bohemio: Laidback, chill and tropical chic atmosphere in Havana. Make sure it a clear glass one that will match with the two ashtrays they already have yes, only two Surprisingly the food is better than I expected, there is ALWAYS fresh fruit, and fresh raw vegetables, salads etc.

Of course the chicken, pork and beef are all overcooked, as is the custom in Cuba, but to my surprise the fish was always excellent. But I was disappointed that ice cream was not served at every meal. Cuba makes great ice cream, second only to Italy, and I always look forward to trying the many different flavours it comes in, mint, coconut, mango, papaya etc, and I was disappointed that they only served it twice while I was there, chocolate, and vanilla.

This was the first thing I noticed at this resort. Also the constant noise from the dot matrix printer, that runs all day long is almost unbearable and needs to be covered up by music. Also note that Cubans speak very loudly and often while sitting in the lounge I can hear hotel staff speaking about guest information, for discretion this needs to be covered up.

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So no matter how much I discriminated against them, I had to evolve in order to survive. I myself would have liked to invite some guests to my room but the hotel charges were too much for a few hours. It is based on prejudices and beliefs about the values and ways of living that denigrate these people. Related Posts: In many ways, the New Man ultimately emerged as a national stereotype as it came to embody a series of highly simplistic representations and values, mandatory touchstone for identifying or representing the social conglomerate.

And nobody wants to sit at the bar and listen to the bar noise, water running, coffee machine etc. Also it would be great if you had some music on the beach. I understand these blender drinks are labour intensive, and require additional staff, and supplies, but possibly you could offer them at specific times, or at specific bars, maybe after dinner only, at the outside lounge, where the birds are. Paint Colors While I understand and embrace the architecture, I think it could be enhanced with a little more paint.

great resort for gays - Hotel MarAzul

Pick cleaner, clearer, brighter colours, think south beach. Get rid of the muddy orange and replace it with a bright clean clear crisp fuchsia. The yellow that you have is a dirty yellow, looks like cigarette smoke damage; you want a bright clean banana yellow. While these colors may be authentic to Cuba, they are not what we expect; having travelled to Miami Beach, watched Miami vice etc. Or maybe some sort of movable plant boxes, whereby the plants could be repositioned weekly.

I would love to see hanging plants form every beam. Shuttle Bus The daily shuttle busses are redundant, and not necessary, there is a much better service directly out front every half hour, by Havana tours. What is required is some sort of night service, departing and returning twice nightly, once before dinner time, for guests that wish to go into the city for dinner, and a later night service for those wishing to go out to clubs.

Coffee Cups, And Coffee Service. Your staff needs training in consistency.

Drinks On The Beach I suggest you move this beverage hut closer to the beach. I carried three orange sodas to the beach and by the time I got there my legs were cover in liquid.

Aquí, en la lucha…! Pingueros and Contemporary Metaphors of Survival

Maybe have some sort of waiter service on the beach. People NEED refreshments while on the beach, If it was my hotel, I would move the entire pool grill to the beach area.

Where Cuba’s Gays Meet Up

The outside lounge My favorite area in the entire resort is the outside patio with the birds; this area has tons of plants and vegetation, great chairs , and the ambient noise from the birds and this area should be utilized, and exploited. I see many guests wanting to sit in this area, but there is no drink service available. Bar Staff Uniforms This may be cultural, but in Canada, black pants, white shirt, red vest signifies a very cheap old hotel, restaurant or bar.

I suggest you strip away the red vest. I went for drinks at the plaza hotel in Prostitution I had read many reviews about the prostitutes on this resort, but it is very discreet, and you really have to be looking for it, except on one occasion, when my tour bus arrived, and I alone got off, i was offered girls, ha ha ha, before I even checked in.

I would suggest that hotel security monitor these guys at the door to calm down a bit. Nobody wants to be accosted like this when they first arrive. I actually enjoyed watching the goings on, and meeting all different people. I myself would have liked to invite some guests to my room but the hotel charges were too much for a few hours.

This restricts prostitution to daytimes when families are all at the beach, or out of the hotel.

Castro has softened his stance on gay rights, but the rest of Cuba is still catching up

Many of the other gay guests I spoke with will not stay at the resort again, but will instead find a casa downtown. I am happy to know that my replies to comments published in Tripadvisor have influenced on the choice of Tropicoco for your holidays.

Gay Travel Guide: Havana, Cuba

You have given me a great incentive to continue with this task. I sincerely thank you for your comments. Sometimes, we, hotelworkers, overlook things that are important to our customers. Thanks to comments from clients like yourself, we have already made some changes in our daily operation. Conga Bar was open ten days ago as an evening cocktail bar where you can find all Cuban cocktails: In this bar we play instrumental music from Cuban Radio without interrumptions nor commercials and there is an ashtray on every table located in the smoking area, as there should always have been, sorry.

We are also offering sandwiches all night long from the lobby bar. I regret not having met you personnally. Had I known that you have an interest in interior design as it seems to be, I would have shown you some of the designs we are considering for changes in the lobby: Like other reviews - where do I start?

Hostile front-desk staff.

Gay/LGBT Havana

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and there's no other city on earth quite. Yes, there are gays in Havana, Cuba. A lot of bisexuals,too. Some say it's going to be the gay mecca in the Carribean. And yes, it involves cash.

Run-down rooms with archaic beds twins and bedding. Only one towel each was provided. No water left in the hallways for guests to use, no drinking glasses, and poorly lit hallways with many burned-out bulbs. The air conditioner was so loud, we couldn't sleep if it was on, therefore we were forced to keep the windows open.

Between the two of us the mosquitoes dined heartily. This is the only placed we have ever stayed where water and snacks were Not Available in their gift shop. The lobby bartenders were filling up the disgusting Thermos provided, and flimsy plastic cups to accompany as either for drinking or as ashtrays. The food in the buffet was beyond repetitive and unrecognizable in some cases. Cockroaches were seen running from the fruit and vegetable dishes on two separate days. That in itself is enough to make you lose your lunch! This hotel seems to operate with an undercurrent of allowed prostitution, mostly old men of several nationalities parading around with, in some cases, very young teen-aged Cuban girls.

The staff seemed to openly shun anyone who only spoke English Us Nothing friendly in any part of this hotel's operation.